Monday, September 19, 2016

And so, I'm back

And so, I'm back, because recently I've remembered this blog, and realized I had missed it. :)
Because in the past, I guess I was somehow expecting that maybe, we'd get more readers, more comments. That we'd find a way to help. A way to add a tiny drop of beauty and peace to the community ocean.
And now I think I may just need to share some thoughts.  Sure, I'd still kill for a comment or two. For new opportunities or ideas to pop up. For new ways to share. ;)
But mainly, I've been missing Sachi's posts. I'be been missing these little criss cross posts born of a friendship bound across the oceans; I've been missing the wisdom and refinement of my Japanese friend. And missing the sharing of my own little thoughts.
Also because the net has allowed me to discover a few beautiful people.
You don't always know well the people you see. With the net, you get access to thoughts unshared in daily life. And this unveils the true beauty of  some souls.
So I am back. To share my thoughts and feelings. And to read yours.
Because the littlest acts of benevolence already make a difference. I have learnt that in this past year.
Lots of love to you all.


  1. Oh I so hoped you would be back some day! A week or so ago I listened to a friend's son-in-law tell of one small act that someone did for his grandparents that enlightened their minds and changed their course. He then talked about how that influenced his father and uncles. And how it has changed everything about the lives of he and his siblings and cousins. And that one thing happened before he was even born! It really struck me that spreading light and goodness is about INDIVIDUALS! And it is that trickle domino affect that changes the world for the better. So I love what you said here about little acts making the difference. They do! And one soul who is lifted and feels more hope and joy from something you say -- or even from a mix of things you say along with many others -- is as big and beautiful as having 100,000 people hanging on your every word. So happy I get be one of the people made better by your light!

  2. Hi there Nancy, I missed you/your comments! I can't fathom the depth of the sweetness of this comment of yours! :) Yes, I've come to realize that it is all in the little things. Besides these big decisions we make or steps we take, all the little things, they DO matter. All these little steps and efforts and thoughts. And the little voices, the little inputs...they do make a difference. There is no such thing as insignificance. Maybe because I've become aware of this, I've come across so many words and quotations like 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step'. This step...This step is what I'm focused on now. No, it doesn't matter whether thousands of readers or comments abound or not. It matters whom we meet. What light we can shed. What light we can take from others. You know I mentioned in one of my comments on your blog, that you do shine a mighty beautiful light. So happy I was able to get to meet you! That's one of the Web's most amazing miracles!

    1. Yes yes! I love e writhing you said. I've seen another quote that says something like "Moments are the molecules that make up eternity."