Monday, September 26, 2016

We never stop growing up, do we?

As this blog is now a place I come to to share, look for and shed light, I'll share my thoughts today.
I've just read this post by Kelle Hampton:
The middle place
It has struck me recently how much I have changed. Maybe not as much physically as mentally. I've had hopes and illusions to throw away, I've had a new skin to grow, I've had deaths to accept... I have changed, and maybe I am a puzzle now of all the 'me' I've been. I feel our minds never stop expanding then shrinking then expanding again, depending on the events we live, the place we are in, the people we meet or live with, the destiny that befalls us. What's the point of growing up though, if it is not to evolve and try to be a better person. Better for oneself and better for others.
Right now, I am in that middle place. My babies have grown, and I feel just the same as Kelle.
How amazing isn't it, that no matter whether we are French, American, Japanese, Chinese etc etc,  we are so alike and so diverse.
Kelle has things in her life that I don't have. I have things she doesn't, probably. We don't have the same life at all. She doesn't know me. I've never met her. She shares openly so much about her life. I don't. We are so different. And yet, so alike. And I feel my heart echoes with the same tender vibrating notes as hers.
I feel the babyhood slowly and steadily receding (clothes are being passed on to younger ones, conversations become philosophical, and hey, worries appear and evolve too). I feel it is demanding sometimes to face a life where, for my part, parents are not here anymore, and babies turn into young kids...this is all so harsh and yet so beautiful. It is an amazing thing to watch your kids bloom into little individuals who want to explore the world and understand it all! It is difficult, sometimes, to be the grown-up, to be the first on the battle line. Yet I wouldn't stop for a second being this mom pursued by her kids from the break of dawn to far after nightfall. With or without the 'helping hand' of the grown-ups before me. As Kelle says, let it last, let it last, let it last!

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