Monday, June 26, 2017

To value the sense of season

It's the rainy season in Japan now. 
Usually, we have lots of rain and the air is awfully hot and humid.
However, there has been less rain than usual so far.
Hydrangeas need much more rain, it seems.
Well...I haven't seen snails nor frogs yet...

We used to live in harmonious rhythm with the four seasons,
but I have to admit that the balance has been disrupted due to global warming.

At such a time as this, I would like to intentionally value the sense of season.
During the summer solitude, many people rearrange the rooms, 
change clothes in their wardrobes, adjust bedding or tableware,
and eat seasonal vegetables, to keep cool. 

As for seasonal vegetables, 
lots of shiso leaves (one of the Japanese herbs) 
are growing in my tiny garden.

The simplest dish for shiso leaves is to use them
as a seasoning or garnish for cold somen noodles and soba.  
(There are no photos for cold somen noodles and soba for now, 
but I'll update this when I take them later). 
The fragrance of shiso leaves is so refreshing.

Many summer events are coming one after another, 
such as Matsuri, which is an event held in gratitude towards nature.
I'm hoping to introduce some of these interesting events in the near future.