Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Going nowhere, doing nothing, planning nothing

Hello, hello...I think I never let this blog down for so long?
And suddenly, Spring was upon us, and suddenly it was holiday time!
I think it is obvious that I am going through a mini crisis,
Questioning our consumers' society, our need to rush and show off,
Our race to get more, prove more, speak louder...
It is something I feel, and life as a working mom adds to the rush.
Well, does it really?
It does, but it's up to us to question what we do, the way we live...
I am personally by Nature torn forever between my contemplating tendencies
And my love for activity and movement...Well, Life is a constantly self-readjusting balance
Between all our aspirations and needs...
This week, I've chosen my balance :) Everything comes to a stop...
No more going here and there, no more activities for the kids...Exit judo, riding lessons,
Exit getting ready for school, exit getting prepped up and cute-looking for work.
This week, it's holiday at home. Spring has finally arrived,
The garden is in full bloom, and my motto is 'no rush'.
Each time I have something to do, I stop and think about how I can do it
Without hurrying...I think of all things, hurrying is one of the most harmful things
I have to face. 
I also have enrolled in an online course, fascinating...and I'd like to present you
Our new family member...I am falling in love with that one, too:

Well, it feels good to be back here!
I know Sachi has plans that may include this blog too,
She has come up with great ideas...
Wishing you all a happy, sunny day
(Like many, I am so fond of Pharrell Williams' song!)


Monday, April 7, 2014

Cherry blossoms

When you visit Japan during this season, you will see so many cherry trees in full bloom.  Whenever you go, you'll hear people talking about the cherry blossoms (and I hope you don't get tired of it), ad see people having parties under the cherry trees.  Well, I guess you could say we have special feelings towards cherry blossoms.

The cherry trees are in full bloom from around the end of March to the beginning of April--the season when we are waiting for the warmth of spring.  Our ancestors set the time of graduation and school enrollment during this time.  It's a time of new beginnings, so cherry blossoms are a symbol of life itself, so to speak.  I think I can say that Japanese people cherish the thysms of nature.  We are always attune with nature in a way.

We cherish the falling cherry blossoms as well.  Seeing those beautiful cherry petals fluttering in the warm sunlight is amazing, but also it is touching to see how they fall to the ground.  I feel a kind of "shining life" there, and many Japanese people probably feel the same.

I wonder if you feel something similar about cherry blossoms?

I believe we share the same feelings about spring.  I hope you enjoy your bright warm spring!