Monday, April 7, 2014

Cherry blossoms

When you visit Japan during this season, you will see so many cherry trees in full bloom.  Whenever you go, you'll hear people talking about the cherry blossoms (and I hope you don't get tired of it), ad see people having parties under the cherry trees.  Well, I guess you could say we have special feelings towards cherry blossoms.

The cherry trees are in full bloom from around the end of March to the beginning of April--the season when we are waiting for the warmth of spring.  Our ancestors set the time of graduation and school enrollment during this time.  It's a time of new beginnings, so cherry blossoms are a symbol of life itself, so to speak.  I think I can say that Japanese people cherish the thysms of nature.  We are always attune with nature in a way.

We cherish the falling cherry blossoms as well.  Seeing those beautiful cherry petals fluttering in the warm sunlight is amazing, but also it is touching to see how they fall to the ground.  I feel a kind of "shining life" there, and many Japanese people probably feel the same.

I wonder if you feel something similar about cherry blossoms?

I believe we share the same feelings about spring.  I hope you enjoy your bright warm spring!


  1. This long line of cherry trees looks amazing! French tradition doesn't have the same adoration for cherry trees as a rule, but I love cherry trees and have a few in my garden. They are so delicate, and I like all the meaningfulness you attach to these beautiful trees.

  2. Thanks, Val!
    Well Japanese adoration for cherry blossoms might be very special:)
    Wow! You have a few cherry trees in YOUR garden?! That's great!!