Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saying my good byes

Dear all,
I obviously have a love/hate relationship with this blog!
I write less and less here, I miss my point, my friend Sachi is too busy elsewhere too, very few people come across this place or leave comments (thank you, dear Nancy, for your lovely support)...I'm getting discouraged and I see no point in pursuing this little adventure. It has been like that for quite a while, too.
Then I check at the previous posts and think, 'oh, what a shame, what a waste'.
There is probably something wrong in the format, or the design, the concept or whatever. If not, I'd get the urge to write more here and I would take better care of this little space.
There is so much I have to do, I still dig the idea of writing a blog. But this is probably not the right place for me. Or maybe my life is too absorbing. Or maybe I'm beginning to find more disappointment than fun in blogging/on the web...Or maybe I need right now to move to something else.
I'm becoming more and more of a minimalist. I do think that clothes or objects you haven't been wearing/used for months on end are not right for you anymore. They have served their time, done their purpose, you have outgrown them...
I think this is sadly the case for Beautify...Pacify.
I'll leave this little space open for my friend Sachi, who might want to come back here or use it as she likes. If she does, I'll be so happy to come back here as a guest. Who knows? We'll see. But for now, I'm saying my good byes. Thanks to those who have left comments or been kind enough to read our posts. Maybe I'll meet you again on another blog. Nancy, be sure I'll keep visiting your sweet blog. Sachi, you are a true friend and I'd love to see you create a new blog. :)
I'm off to new adventures. I think the real world is calling me away from the web and its giant network.
Lots of love. Namaste!


  1. Valerie! I will miss your voice! And, of course, I'd rather you stay ;) but one of the very things I love about you is how clearly you seem to be able to tap into what is important and necessary for you to thrive in your life. If cutting this out will clear your head to embrace other things that might be there -- needing more attention, or even allow you to discover some new fulfilling way of expressing yourself, etc. I am all for it! I hope there are beautiful new things for your soul right around the corner! Let me know how things go! Lots of love! -- Nancy

  2. Oh, how sweet, Nancy! Again, thanks for all the support. I won't be far though, and will check on your blog regularly. If I do go back to blogging, I'll let you now for sure! :) Lots of love, Val