Monday, May 20, 2013

Speaking to flowers

The same flowers as last year are blooming 
at the same place in my tiny garden.

I thought they had died.
So I was delighted when I saw them open their petals and blossom.
It was invisible, but surely there was "life" under the ground.

The flowers are living in "this moment" brightly 
in the warm sunshine,
 swaying in the soft breeze.


I had a chance to read an article by the tree doctor, Konami Tsukamoto,
with which I was greatly impressed.
She has poured her love out towards trees and flowers.

She says in the article that she once felt that a tree needing care said to her that
 it didn't want any medical treatment, but wanted to be a part of a natural cycle.
Then she thought it was arrogance to cure the tree.
After that she sincerely went to the tree (dozens of times)
and listened humbly to what she could do for it.

Now the tree bears an abundance of flowers every year in Ashikaga Flower Park.

This Wisteria photo is from Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan. 
 You can read Wisteria Story and see more photos here.


 Opening our minds and pouring love, 
 humbly facing it and speaking to it.
It may require a lot of efforts and pain,
but it also teaches us a lot of things
Eventually we recieve ultimate bliss as its response.
This may be said for any occasion in our lives, I think:)


  1. Love the tree story. It makes me think of so many things where I stubbornly or maybe even with a bit of panic think I MUST do this or that to fix it and have it all turn out, when maybe sometimes it just needs love, or patience, hope or faith. Love the idea of being so in tune with all living that you could even listen to a tree. It sounds silly, but I often pray over my little spring annuals -- that they can live and thrive and have their little chance in this world. Maybe it is the flowers, maybe it is just some deeper hope I have for things to have a chance to flourish.

  2. Nancy,thank you very much for sharing your thought! I love it:)
    And oh I understand when you say "..even with a bit of panic". You have many children (five?),right?, so you must be very very busy! (more than I can imagine). I sometimes feel the same as you do, when I'm busy taking care of my parents. At such times, I try to focus on using my heart's eye. It is strange, but heart's eye gives me much bigger pictures than physical eyes, and makes me relaxed. "Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye" This is from "The Little Prince". Please don't work too hard and take care of yourself:) Let's enjoy our lives and flourish our hope that is always within us:)

  3. so glad to find your beauty here again;
    thanks for sharing these stirrings and starbursts:)

  4. Jennifer, thank you very much for the comment!
    "stirring and starbursts"..I feel these are very poetic expression:)