Friday, May 3, 2013

A place for grief, a place for grace

And that is how a human life evolves with the harmony and balance it needs,
in-between contrasts and extremities, ups and downs.
Always soaking up beauty.

Today I have a day off, and I am sorting out my photographs.

Photography is one of my passions. So is my family. So is true friendship. So is travelling. So is Nature.
So there is a lot to do.

Watching the past photographs, from now back to january, I see moments of sunlight, bathing in the lake, frolicking in the snow, I see grey clouds and dazzling light. I see so much, in such a little time.

I see things lost and things gone, I see the future ahead, wearing the most beautiful smiles possible.

In that very improbable, precarious, transitory place of now, I see beauty.

I see a place for grief, a place for grace
And lots of beauty out there.



  1. Love the specific words you chose in writing this. Also, love that kids-in-the-snow pic!

  2. Thank you so much Nancy. That kids-in-the-snow pic is a favourite of mine; it is very luminous, like many of the pictures you take.