Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sharing the beauty

So I've been thinking we could go a step further together, and share the beauty. All the beauties that surround us: the beautiful skyscraper in front of your office, kids laughing at a party, a music playing on the car radio, a long line of birds in the sky, a pot softly simmering on your stove, a page of your favourite magazine, a word said in a funny way by your work mate...What is your beauty today? What is making your heart skip a beat? What is sending warm fuzzy feelings of comfort to your mind and body? What is bringing a smile to your lips?
And more importantly: how about sharing it?
How about using this modest cozy place to rejoice in the beauties we can share?
It always makes us feel better, to see the beauty, and to share.
We all crave for it, I see that. Beauty, peace, connections. We never get enough, do we?
I'll make the first step, of course: in the small video below, I've included two of my favourite spots. The first one is the view I get to see every morning, the second one is a place I often go to with my kids. It is almost a draft, the videos are a little bit shaky (hastily taken with my smartphone). But it doesn't really matter.
What matters is: I love those views, the peace and joy they bring me...I'd like to share them with you.
And I'd love to get to see more joy, peace and comfort, in whatever pictures, videos, poems you'd be willing to link up or post in the comments below.
And I'd love to make a gallery here, of the beauties you'd like to share...like a peace bank we could visit any time we need a little credit :)


  1. Wow! What a beautiful idea, Val! I'll follow later:)
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful video:)

  2. Love. Love your constant quest for beauty. For me, right now amidst an a-typical week of busyness and stress, the beauty has been cooler temperatures that allowed me to fall asleep with an open window and the sound of crickets, an almost 2 year old calling butterflies, "bubberflies", and a homemade jar of peach/tomatoe salsa dropped off on Sunday by my husband's aunt.

    1. That's plenty to rejoice for, Nancy! 'Bubberflies', crickets and homemade salsa, a taste of simple happiness (the best kind): thanks for sharing! I'm very sensitive to sounds too, and crickets at night are an all-time favourite of mine, I'm so sad they're almost gone here!