Monday, September 30, 2013

Making a dried flower wreath

I posted this in my other blog steps to the sky, but I would like to share this here too.
I hope you can enjoy her beautiful photos. Photos are universal language, aren't they?:) 

I have often visited the blog "Nature's 工房 -晶- " since I had happened to find it.
That photos are all beautiful and the wreaths she makes are full of purity, 
tenderness and warmth goes without saying of course,
however, what caught me the most is the owner's strong sense of love for nature
and her warm thoughts of protecting the earth.
Besides, the fact that her favorites (Ms.Venesia and Ms. Rachel Carlson)
are the same as mine is one of the reasons that I have visited her occasionally.

Last Saturday, I participated in her work-shop at Cafe Slow Gallery
and learned how to make a dried flower wreath.
I wanted express my love of nature, with a sense of protecting our earth like her,
but oh my! I failed to make a wreath like hers with a sense of clarity.
I'll challenge myself again, maybe using the flowers and leaves from my tiny garden.
Apart from the disappointing result, it was really nice to finally meet her face to face.

In the event space at Cafe Slow, I looked at an exhibition 
through which some young art students expressed their feelings 
after visiting Fukushima following the disaster March.11, 2011.
 I chatted with two of the exhibitors for a while.
One of them told me that he felt some distance among people 
who live far away from Fukushima;
he sensed a different feeling between the people 
who live far away from Fukushima and the people who live in Fukushima.
In his work he expressed the difference by making two life-sized boys;
 one of them has a placard written "No"(to nuclear energy) and the other has "Yes".
Oh, I should have taken some pictures of their works.I'm sorry for the lack of the pictures.
Somehow, it was so encouraging to me to know there are young people
who have visited the field and caught a sense of the need 
to express their feelings for the sake of a better future. 
After all it's each of them and each of us who possess the ability
to change our world into a beautiful and peaceful place.

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  1. Simply beautiful, Sachi! I just wish I could have attended both workshop and exhibition!