Thursday, March 14, 2013


After all, life is this amazing succession of events that leaves you breathless, exhilarated or battered, depending which phase of this life you are currently going through.
It is in turn sweet, tough, puzzling...but when I look for instance at this, I remember once more that everything is important, yet few things really matter.
It is about the people we meet and love, the places we go, the things we achieve and experience, the choices and memories we make. It is about enjoying and growing. One of the things that have always mattered to me, along with all these, is Beauty. Or maybe Beauty defines all the things I have just mentioned: the beauty I see and feel, the beauty I develop, the beauty of all small things around me, the beauty of the material world but also and most of all the beauty of the heart and mind. I have always felt the urge to acknowledge the beauty of the universe, and to beautify my environment whenever possible or needed. Like a gold digger. Like a beggar. Like a thief. Like a poet.
I have written other blogs before, never really knowing exactly what it was I needed to express: my love for photography? Writing? Crafting? Philosophy? Cooking? How daily life is so deeply entangled, with all its petty bumps and detours, with the conditions of our happiness and peace, with our intellectual and spiritual self?
I've felt the growing need to share my vision of life on this beautifying journey. I'm happy to open this little space where I'd like to share all the possible ways of seeing beauty where it is, showing it when it hides, creating it if I have to, whenever the days are getting darker, hunting it down when it seems to flutter away.
In the blogging world, I have had the pleasure of coming across the path of people who seem to focus on the same thing: what do I do with this life? How do I make it beautiful? Peaceful? Happy? I believe it starts with a choice, even if chance has its say. I've chosen to see beauty. But this blog is also named 'Pacify', as a dear friend of mine is going to share it with me. She has chosen to see and look for peace. She will soon present herself. Let me just add for now that I live in France and she lives in Japan; we both are women and mothers, friends and bloggers. We both want beauty and peace.
I can't wait to share this space here with her, and you!


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