Thursday, March 21, 2013

A little pretty something

One of the things I'm doing every day of my life is working/slaving/toying/crafting/fidgeting/building, well, making things large and small, usually small, that look beautiful to me. Things that look hopefully beautiful to the ones I love.
A day that goes away without the possibility of making a pretty little something is a day that doesn't sound too good to me. A day with too many worries, or too much work, a day that doesn't allow me this moment of pause when my mind elaborates in concert with my hands.
I have like many of you a busy life, I can't scheme huge plans all the time. But I can do this pretty little something very often.
And it boosts my energy. Brings a smile to a dear one. Adds a little light in a corner of my home. Gives a positive touch to my surroundings. Eases my feelings. Comforts my babies. Cheers up my man. It means a little satisfaction. A little touch of beauty in a world that rushes and roars too often.
It is sometimes the smell of pancakes whipped up at the last minute. The flickering light of a scented candle. The touch of fresh clean linen. The look of a clean counter top. The innocence of a small bouquet. The vivid colour of a fruit salad arranged in a tiny cup. The neat look of a meal  lovingly prepared for the whole family.

Sometimes it takes on the grandeur of a project coveted for months. Like, say, the celebration of a birthday. Why on earth should I spend evenings preparing a simple birthday. Craft late into the night? But there is no complication in that. Only fun. Passion. Expectation. Love. Beauty.
I have a blast preparing the birthday of my kids. While I am sure the real meaning of an event like that is the time we spend together, the affection and tenderness, the gratitude for being all together alive and well, I reach a climax of happiness making this event as beautiful as I can. Again, the real beauty is what we share and have. I think it lies also in the devotion we show to our loved ones, in the efforts we make to show how much we love them.

It is about simple things from the heart. Shining diamonds that I like to polish.

That's how I find and see beauty in the big and small events of my life. There might well be no small events, because a simple evening with an improvised 'tartine' of grilled cheese eaten while watching a surprise movie is a beautiful treat. A treat as valuable as any other treat I'll prepare for my family. Or for friends. Or out of kindness for someone who's not friend or family. My day shines when I can manage to do something beautiful, maybe helping an old person pick up her bag, or hold the door to my neighbour, or saying a nice compliment to a workmate who can't repress a smile. Beauty!

And there are those dense, more solemn moments. I cherish celebrations, they make my heart race, they create dancing lights in my kids' eyes. That's why I can give the appearance of working when I am actually having so much fun. Like for this birthday, recently. Based on the theme of Harry Potter. Soon to be a post for our craft section.

I'd love to know if you do pretty little somethings...sometimes...all the time...every now and then? I wish you to enjoy a pretty little something today, whether you do it or someone does it for you!


  1. I think I do occasionally do these little things, but, without giving it a reason, without classifying it as adding beauty, it is easy to feel they are inconsequential. Thanks for this reminder to embrace little bits of beauty I can give my children, etc. Thanks for reminding me it really is something.

  2. Dear Nancy, I must say I sometimes do these things without really thinking about it either. Now you mention it, it is true that the intention we put into these things greatly matters. I daresay your blog shows beauty in so many ways, and like a few other blogs I like to visit, I find it very uplifting :)