Monday, September 25, 2017

Micro and macro perspective for our peace.

Our physical bodies consist of different organs.
Each one works in harmony with the rest. They help each other to balance,
to keep our hearts working and to live.
When we analyze them further, we see that 
so many parts of our body function to help another.
If one part is damaged, other parts will make up for it.

I often speak about "oneness", or say " We are all part of the universe.",
or "We are all the same on the inside". 
Those ideas remain unchanged, and I'm sure they will never change.

It seems to me that our world is losing the balance environmentally. 
Especially when we consider the international situation right now, 
which is going in the opposite direction from world peace.

As a member of this world, I'd like to do something to promote peace.
I wonder what I can do.  Doing some good to other people, 
starting with those who are right in front of me?
It seems like a very small act and would take a long time to change the world,
however, it will at least create positive energy in our world.
I can't help thinking that conflicts create endless negativity.

I started my former blog "steps to the sky" with the purpose of
contributing to world peace myself, even if only a tiny step,
by exchanging some thoughts with other people, not only Japanese, 
but also from other nations.  
Finding similarities to confirm "We are all the same on the inside", 
and also to learn the differences so as to become a better person.
 I think learning differences and being a better person 
is one of the reasons why we came into this world.

Upon reflection, I admit I haven't done enough yet to achieve my objective.
I should write more. So I will keep writing without giving up, 
until I'm able to realize it.:)


By the way, I mentioned about "en 縁" and "musubi 結び " in my previous post.
One of the meanings of "en" is fate, or to be meant to be.  
We use "en" like "これもご縁ですね。kore mo go-en desune."
(We are meant to be met).
While one of the meanings of "musubi" is to tie 
or to bind (holding the meaning "create" or "produce").

Well, so, when You have read this post, "Kore mo go-en desune :)",
I would be very happy if you could leave a comment, 
to create another step towards world peace.  
Thank you very much:)


  1. Dearest Sachi, I can't think of better words than those you've just written. I do strive with some feelings of helplessness when I think of the lack of balance you mention, both in our own souls and bodies, and in the world.Yet this world keeps going with its own share of miracles, and the sun shines every day, even when we don't see it clearly through thick grey clouds. Doing a little good around us and trying to shed our little light is not a bad beginning I suppose. Everything being connected, your radiant light in Japan has been shining and reaching France and USA and how many other places...? That's another miracle...Gigantic acts start with baby steps...So happy to have you back here by the way!! :) Val

  2. Dearest Val, thank you so much for your comment! It has been almost seven years since we met in this blog world. And I must say that your words and your friendship have always encouraged me a lot!! I greatly appreciate it. Well, a small step I took ten years ago brought you to me:) I'll do my best for my part, for our purpose;) Sachi

  3. This was beautiful and, surprisingly, as I've felt overwhelmed myself lately with all the pain and horror in the world that I can't fix, I've come back to those same ideas -- I can help here. I can say something kind to people I see at the grocery store. I can reach out and help a friend. I can be patient with my children. That doesn't mean I should exscuse myself from trying to do good for those suffering far away. It just means that I'm not helpless. I can spread it in my sphere and hopefully it will extend from there.

    1. Oh! Another encouraging comment! I totally agree with these lines: " That doesn't mean I should exscuse myself from trying to do good for those suffering far away" It just means that I'm not helpless". I think that's huge love (real love):) In the words of Val: "Gigantic acts start with baby steps". The steps are "LOVE", I suppose. Our baby steps(=LOVE) will create "PEACE"... Thank you so much for your love, Nancy!