Thursday, July 20, 2017

Like lotus flowers

The lotus flowers are in full bloom now.
As you know, they grow out of dirty mud 
and bloom so purely and beautifully on the surface. 
That’s why lotus flowers are known 
as symbols of spiritual enlightenment in various countries. 

Yet, I suppose lotus flowers never need to contemplate suffering
or enlightenment as they grow. 
We human beings can regard the mud 
as suffering and obstacles to overcome in life, 
which make our hearts grow stronger!  

I’d had the idea that there is a long journey to becoming a lotus flower, 
but lately, I have developed a different view... 
There is beauty in the process!

People who shine brightly show smiles, 
even if they are surrounded by difficulty.  
It seems to me that they never regard their difficulties as mud.
They face reality and do their best. 
They seem like lotus flowers already!
I admit it is true that the mud (suffering) makes them grow stronger.

Well, I've learned from lotus flowers 
and people who shine brightly that
we have the ability within ourselves to blossom in a single minute; 
whether we can blossom or not depends on how we view our situation.

So here's another beautiful moment! I'll enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy your shining moments too:)



  1. Thanks for this inspiration!

  2. Oooh! I am very sorry! I've found your comments on my latest post and this post, which had been in the "awaiting moderation" box!!! Thank you so much for your comments as usual:)

    You mentioned about the four distinct seasons in your region, on my latest post. So it must be extremely hot over there now! but I hope you and your family are doing well and enjoying the summer!!!
    By the way, "feet of snow" sounds sooo cool and comfortable as it's been awfully hot here too, for weeks, ;) Just the thought of feet of cold snow is so soothing right now indeed!