Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pure and simple

First, I would like to apologize for having been silent for a long time. 
Yet, I have kept feeling this blog was a treasure. 

The purpose of this blog, as set at the beginning, was focusing on to beauty and peace and sharing them across national borders.  I am still so sure that it will bind us all together and also, give us hope to change this complicated world to be beautiful and peaceful. 
Today, for the first time after a long silence, I’d like to share two videos. 
With lots of love to you all:)

I think we all have the sacred place deep inside our hearts, searching for beauty, peace, and love. So I'm back too, to restart sharing some with you. I am so grateful to Val for allowing me to do that.

The older I get, the more I learn from pure and simple things. I'm always told that we sometimes put too many unnecessary thoughts in our minds. Once we get rid of them and become more pure and simple, we'd be able to recognize a lot of beauties and peace.

*Hug Time

*The Charlie And The Seal:

As for my writing, 
I sometimes use unnatural expressions or uncommon words...
Could you please let me know when you find any?



  1. Hi there Sachi, so happy to have you back!
    This blog wouldn't be right without you!
    I share with you the conviction that there is a sacred place in all of us. Sadly this sacred place is sometimes broken into pieces, or it wastes away out of so many things we encounter in life. But it is there, it can grow at any time. And it does with people like you. :)
    Your videos have brought me a huge smile on this rainy monday morning here.

  2. Oh. thank you so much for your warm welcome and words,Val!
    It is a great honor and pleasure for me to share with you!
    Yes! It is there! And it does with people like YOU too:)
    With lots of love.