Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Satori-no-Mado (window of spiritual enlightenment)

October in Japan is in the midst of autumn, when many people look forward to visiting somewere beautiful where they can view the changing autumn leaves.  Where I live, the leaves have just started changing color.  Though it is getting cooler, we can still enjoy the clear blue sky and warm, comfortable sunlight with an obento (box lunch) on sunny days.

The other day I found an advertisement for Japanese National Railways inviting people to come to Kyoto.  They put out the same kind of advertisement every year, and I admit I am always tempted to go.  The ad I found on the train used some symbols of one of the temples in Kyoto, which are vrey famous: the "Satori-no-mado" or "window for spiritual enlightenment", which is circular, and the "Mayoi-no-mado" or "window of the life of person", which is square. The ad really made me feel like spending a day sitting in front of those beautiful windows.  "Satori-no-mado and Mayoi-no-mado"

Especially, in front of Satori-no-mado.  A circular has deep meanings: the universe, wholeness, harmony, and many others.  Perhaps we can create a "Satori-no-mado" in our mind, so that we can find beauty and peace everywhere in this world.

I hoe you all have beautiful, peaceful and happy autumn days.

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  1. Hope you remember me. Toshi.
    Didn't know you've been writing here. As for the Circular window for satori, it also embodies our ability of recognition, which only enables us to peek the Truth through a small window.
    By the way I write in the Facebook. If you have your account, I would be happy to be your friend. I think I don't have to be anonymous. 大嶺俊光 find me there, if you like.