Friday, September 12, 2014

You've got to know where to look

In this blogging community, there is a handful of blogs I love checking up on. There is my friend Sachi's blog (she recently shifted to Japanese and alas, my Japanese isn't good enough yet!). There is Nancy's blog, there is Kami, there is Kristel, Nikola. And a few others, dedicated more specifically to cooking or handcraft.
They all tell a story, full of sweetness, passion, ups and downs, inspiration. In them I see beautiful women, this kind of real beauty made of resourcefulness and sensitivity.
I love checking on them regularly, like checking on a friend to make sure eveything is fine and hear about the latest news from their life.
Wait...there is also Kelle and Rachel. This week, these two have posted something that rings a bell and finds a way into my own heart, because it is my inspiration, the touchstone of my blog.
Your life is beautiful, Rachel says.
Loving, even when it's hard, is the payoff in parenting, Kelle says.
I read those two posts and saw the same thing: there is really a lot of beauty in our lives, but sometimes it is not exactly what we would expect it to be. Sometimes it is there, behind a huge messy heap of daily chores, or in the early rain. Sometimes it is at the very root of what we could get tired of. Because it just needs to be seen and accepted in a different way. Because stress and hurriedness act as the most opaque screen ever....and when you stop and do open your eyes, it all starts flowing and overflowing.
I believe it really requires us to stop. Stop in our tracks, even if we don't have time or don't feel like it.
Though I never was in touch with Kelle or Rachel, though I think they never saw any of my comments, I am dearly attached to their blogs. There is a part of their life that graciously meets mine: the way they constantly surround themselves with beauty, a beauty you have to look for sometimes, or just embrace some other times. The beauty of the instant, in the way you can grasp the moment, yes, this tiny little moment, even if you're having a bad day. This moment of grace, of love, this little snippet of pure joy that's asking to be cherished and remembered.
As Kelle and Rachel, and Shannon, reminded me, yet again, beauty is not automatic, it isn't always easy, it is what you decide it to be. YOU catch the moment. YOU create the beauty around you. I mean the beauty of life, of course...


  1. I feel honored to be mentioned here, Val! This same theme has been infiltrating my life lately as well -- as if the cosmos keep trying to remind me that the good and beauty of my life is what exists in it during each and every ordinary day; and, that my character is molded not from any one huge decision, but from a million little choices to be and see and behave each day. I love what you said here: "Because stress and hurriedness act as the most opaque screen ever". I so often get so consumed by all I have to accomplish each day that it is easy to forget to, as you said, to literally STOP and focus on the simple things that are where true joy exists for me. Thanks for the reminder. I love love how the internet world has broadened my horizons and connections. There is a lot that is negative -- particularly in those who seem to love to be critical and contentious and find fault with people who try to spread light; but it has also allowed me to connect with and discover that all over the world there are people like you and others who may live very different lives from me, have different beliefs, etc, but who, at their core, share a desire to spread goodness and beauty into the world and to seek it out as well. I love the hope it gives me to find all of these bright souls out there spreading such loveliness in their spheres of influence. I love being a part of these spheres. Thank you!

  2. It's taken me some time to answer but here I am ;) I love being part of that sphere of people who, as you say, may be so different but share so much at the core: this need and will to spread goodness and catch the beauty. I agree there is a lot of hideousness too, and like in 'real life' it comes from hard judgements, anger, intolerance. But it feels good to share and connect with those who are so deeply sincere and positive!