Sunday, February 9, 2014

Little Froggy

And let the crafting begin! :)
I was among other things dreaming/planning of sharing here my readings, and my crafting and cooking activities.
Here is finally one post about crafting...Better late than never.
Two weeks ago, I found some time again to complete a little crafting project.

The pattern is very simple. Two identical frog shapes, no technical difficulty. You just have to be careful when sewing both parts together, as there are round, curvy shapes.  I picked two different fabrics, one of them very soft for the belly of the frog.

The neat trick is to fill the little animal with lentils. Magical: little Froggy  can bend her legs, lie flat on her stomach...

She can take any position your little kiddo might want her to adopt.

It was a relatively quick crafting activity, and the result filled my little ones with joy.

Even though there are plenty, way too plenty dolls and toys out there, there is nothing like hand-made toys.
They carry so much time and efforts and care and fun and love...They are also unique, with their imperfections and sometimes quirky looks.


I still remember the moments spent watching my mom sewing and crafting, coming up with wonders that amazed me. At some point, when I was very young, I believed my mom's sewing machine had magical powers! Somehow I wasn't far from the truth ;)



  1. De kikker is prachtig, goed idee om te vullen met linzen.

    1. Bedankt voor uw reactie! De linzen zijn echt geweldig voor het maken van een floppy!

  2. I love this floppy! So cute:)
    Your kids must be overjoyed at him(her?):) Hand-made toys are so special for kids;)

    1. Thanks Sachi :) We assumed it was a her, I guess just because in French the word 'frog' is feminine!