Monday, January 27, 2014

Honmono (a genuine thing)

What is "Honmono (a genuine thing)"?
It is, I suppose, living or producing by nature's laws. Maybe relying too much on "convenience" would distract you from nature's law. Anyway, the people who have been questing for "Honmono" look happy, satisfied, and fun.

I'm so glad to share these videos with you:)

chap.#01 SHIGEYOSHI DOI "What is honmono/ 本物 ?"
from Inspiring People & Projects on Vimeo.

He is the son of the man in the above video who is talking about "Honmono".

chap.#03 KONBU DOI"Preparation" from Inspiring People & Projects on Vimeo.
One of the ladies explains the recipes with the use of Konbu and the other lady explains about the decorations used to welcome people.

You can see a few more of their lovely videos on


  1. Ohhh, I've just started watching the videos and finished the first one. I'd love to be part of the community, or the handful, as this lovely mans says. Thanks for sharing, Sachi. I think honmono is a concept I want to live by!

  2. Oh well, I've seem all the videos. It's really great to catch a glimpse of your country: language, street, food, people.. I love the way people seem to nod when they meet. That's so courteous and it is something that is getting really rare in my country. I see more signs of lack of politeness, or even rudeness, than the opposite. I also find the Konbu Doi people very uplifiting, they seem - just - happy! And the preparation of food...Well it's something I love. Preparing, decorating, arranging food is almost as important as actually eating the food, isn't it? So much care and attention are put in the process...Again, thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! Thank YOU so much for watching all the videos. I'm really happy you liked them:) I love Konbu Doi people too(especially those ladies' laughing:))! As you say, they look so happy and fun. And that's what Konbu Doi owner seems to have expected us(people all over the world) to see and feel. Oh, the process, you mentioned in your comment, is the key for "Honmono", I think:) It might be something that requires effort to make, but it turns out great happiness, true happiness. That's just like our life:) Thank YOU for showing me your empathy:)