Monday, July 1, 2013

Make it simple

There are tons of things I'd like to tell, say or explain on this blog.
Yet I am wrestling with time and issues and errands and...
You see what I mean... but today, I'd like to share
What these past months have prompted me to do:
Aiming at what is simple.
There are tons of things I am glad I have done,
Tons of things I wouldn't change,
Yet there is one thing, for sure,
That needs improvement with me.
I am a perfectionist, and I wouldn't like
To give up completely on that.
Still, my craving for making things better,
Nicer, my need to improve, beautify,
Sometimes pushes me to do the opposite.
Sometimes I just do too much.
This is me, this is what I am,
And I love it.
I love doing far more things than what I am supposed to do.
But yes, sometimes, it is too much,
Or too complicated,
Or too many things at the same time too.
And even if I get a kick out of it,
Sometimes it leaves me
Bitter, reproachful, or exhausted.
As I mentioned before, I've had a hard time recently.
And the spring months that usually are the sweetest,
Turned out to be the worst.
Yet, I learned a little more about myself,
About my life and the way I lead it.
In my passion for doing well
I forget that you can never control everything,
You can't make everything beautiful or great,
You have to accept to do less,
Accept to say 'No, I can't',
You must let go, let flow,
Stop worrying about what's meaningless.
In short you can also
Make it simple.

I have learnt, again, that too much and too many
Can lead you to be unfocused.
I have realized, too, that
Everything we choose to do
Not only on a philosophical level
But in our daily lives, on a practical level,
Every little thing we do has a consequence. 
Time spent on one thing will not be spent on another,
Therefore it is important not to do everything all the time
And at the same time,
But to choose and focus.
This has meant for me, in the past weeks, less time
Spent on laundry, work and errands,
And more time spent lingering and chilling out
With my beloved kids.
As the photos hint at, I've been blessed
With a little week end near the Atlantic ocean.
And the occean always does this trick on me:
It is huge, it is vast, it is strong,
Yet inspires freedom and simplicity.
And that's the trick,
Simple is Beauty!


  1. Hi Val!
    I truly agree with you when you say "Make it simple"!!!
    By the way, your photos are all beautiful!
    They seem to represent "simplicity" and I LOVE them:)

  2. Thank you so much Sachi! I'm practising the 'make it simple' plan these days, and I'm telling you it is awesome! :)